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DANCA – Free VanillaForums Theme

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My first theme release. Hm 🙂 Do not expect the perfection.
DANCA is a simple, clean and modest theme for VanillaForums. Originally made for FBB, a fishing community I’m working on.
Coolest feature: Fixed header. In my opinion, this feature is a MUST for a VanillaForums theme.
I hope you like it and enjoy using it. There are still things to improve with this theme, things I will try to fix/implement when time is by my side.
Known bug: #Fixed Header. Installed on a windows server it behaves normally. However, with linux the header behaves differently surfing with IE. I’m still trying to find out why.

Optional design dependencies:
Voting plugin by Todd
IndexPhotos plugin by Lincoln
Vanillicon plugin by Todd

Download DANCA Free Vanilla Theme 1.2(zip)

or check VanillaForums Theme page HERE
I will install a demo if needed. Meanwhile, check the screenshots below.

DANCA Clean Vanilla Theme

To change the Discussion Rules from the Start a New Discussion page,
Open /views/post/discussion.php
And change the rest below for your needs.

Use the comment form if you need any help!

Update 29.01.2012

  • DANCA v1.2 Questions & Answers

I’ve been asked why the voting plugin displays only Views & Comments. Some people would want to use the theme for a Questions & Answers project. So, Here it is, DANCA with complete redesigned Voting plugin.

Download here: DANCA v1.2.QA Free VanillaForums Theme(zip)

Danca QA Front
Danca QA Posts

5 Responses
  • Abhishek
    March 9, 2012

    Beautiful theme. I specially liked the way you added votes and notification on the sidelines of main content.
    Can you tell me how did you ad featured video on the bottom of the sidebar and which tool did you used to capture scrolling screenshot of the entire page.

    I will add this soon to my forum. Again, thanks for such beautiful theme.

  • PGD
    March 10, 2012

    Hi @Abhishek, I’m glad you like it.

    Adding stuff around your forum is very simple with Pockets plugin.
    To add a featured box to the sidebar, install pockets, then Add a pocket.
    Name your pocket, and add the following code inside Body area: (follow the link bellow)
    – Select location : Panel
    – Repeat : After

    You are done!

    As for full page screenshot I used Webpage screenshot, extension for Chrome (
    Just search google for “full page screenshot” you’ll find a bunch of them to fit your browser.

    Good luck to you

  • Bee²
    March 30, 2012

    Great theme, waiting for next update~

  • PGD
    October 27, 2012

    Sorry Bee but the theme is no longer be supported.
    Lack of time. I have a kid now 🙂

  • Muhsin
    March 7, 2015

    Thanks man … Wonder-full theme i never forget you

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