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Don’t buy from DEADFISHCOMPANY eBay racist seller

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I had a very bad experience with Deadfish Company, a power seller on eBay. I recommend you to buy from BOOYAH or TERMINATOR, they have the same prices as Deadfish but way better quality. Too bad I discovered this after the incident with Deadfish’s hungry team.
So, this is what I bought from them on 04.feb.2012:

A total of 41,09$ shipping included (seller was combining shipping, that’s why I bought so much to gain with shipping).
Usually I get packages from USA to France in around 7 or 8 days. Two weeks later I’m writing a message to ask them nicely if they sent the items. They didn’t reply for 2 working days. I’m writing again nicely.. no reply. Third day (more than 2 weeks passed) I’m receiving a refund of 12,76$ in my Paypal account with this message:

I apologize for the delay on this order, was hoping my supplies would come in so I could complete this order but it is taking them too long to get it to me, refund is for 4 of the jigs you ordered, rest have now shipped, again sorry for the big delay

Nothing was shipped at that time! He just marked items as sent but nothing was sent.

This happened after almost 3 weeks. So! 41,09$ for 5 auctions won, a total of 10 items, he is refunding me 12,76$ for 4 items he didn’t have (he doesn’t say which he sent and which he didn’t, because prices are different; whatever). So he is keeping 28,33$, refunds me 12,76$ and sends me 6 items of 10. All this without my consent. He decided for me. In the end, I’m paying 10,95$ shipping for only 6 items of 10 and I don’t know which models he sent, prices being different.

Finally. Made a complaint and got a refund. This is the message from ebay:

A full refund of $24,47 was issued on Feb 17, 2012. The refund includes the purchase price plus original shipping and was issued to the same payment method you used to pay for the item.”

Lets calculate again 🙂
24,47$ + 12,76$ = 37,23$ But, remember? I paid 41,09$

NO PAYPAL COMMISSION! Full refund means full amount paid for a buyer. Proof ———->

So, I’m leaving negative feedback, off fucking course! His replies are just amazing:

Are you that hungry?

2 Responses
  • anonymous
    February 25, 2012

    Just in case you do not know it, the owner of and deadfishcompany on eBay is also Papa Hoodoo of and voodoomagickshop on eBay as well as many other ID’s such as wiccanmagickshop, hoodoomagickshop, the hoodoo magick shop, dragonskullshop, the magick dragon, etc….

    Check it out! So not only is he a master fisherman, he sells penis and breast enlargement spells on line too. LOL!

    Same address for both companies, voodoomagickshop and deadfishcompany. I have proof. He might pretend it’s only a friend but it’s all one man and his employees.

    Sorry you were treated this way! Check feedback left on any of these accounts by and see the same type of abuse to MANY customers!
    The REALLY funny thing is that this man and his employees write eBay guides about how to be professional sellers. Over 70 of them on the voodoomagick ID alone. Previous ID was TheDugout

    Good for you in outing this unprofessional behavior towards you and others! Ebay should ban them!

  • name
    March 30, 2012

    now.. why would anyone want a dead fish via ebay?

    (think about it.)

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