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Do you want to buy a cheap logo at ? DON’T!

I’m preparing a forum; made the theme and some logos but… I’m not happy with my inspiration these days; SO I tried <<smile>>
It’s a cheap service. Yes. But.. cheap result too. Very cheap result. Even in paint I can do better.
I know, when you look at their Portfolio page, they sure look convincing. Here are some examples of what they “can” do:

Now.. that’s not what you’ll get at all. You’ll get a simple text and some icon attached  ( that you can find on your own via, etc )
No mascot, no effect, no animation, nothing. The only effect that they afford is the text color ^_^
Also, they promise .psd, .eps, and yes they provide it! but without layers 🙂 OMG. png psd eps = same shit.
I know, you are a poor guy, just like me, and you were considering buying a logo from them…
Consider making you own logo: I promise, the result will be way better.
Spend the 19$ on prostitutes instead. 19$ + 19$, here in Europe, you get a good one 😉
If you are a woman, call me and keep the 19$, it’s free!

Even better: add another 10$ and buy a nice fully customisable logo from

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