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Inferno & Tom Hanks

OH MY F GOD! I have lost 1h30 of my precious time on this shit storm.
@Tom Hanks, if you continue acting in this kind of scripts, your career will end up Nicolas Cage style.
The first 30 min were horrible. My eyes were in pain!
Watched 70% (1h30) and then z.
I wont be spoiling, watch it and suck it.

Playing High Definition 1080p videos without lagging

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Playing High Definition 1080p videos without lagging

Info : 720p encoding was far enough for me to watch movies, but sometimes, what the hell, I feel like watching Star Wars in High Def 1080p. My TV is hooked up with a small chambre PC Acer Revo which I use to play all my videos with VLC.

  • Problem : VLC is lagging hardcore when playing HD files (no matter mkv or mp4)
  • Solution : Install freaking MPC-HC and watch you damn movies in HD!
  • Moral : VLC eats everyting it’s given, but sucks at HD stuff.
  • 1401795945vlc-logo VS logo-256x256

Victima prostiei

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Europa pute a C4 iar lumea face selfie
Unii feeling loved, altii feeling bored
Victima prostiei, nu esti vinovat
Europa, de fapt, pute a cacat

RIP Anonymous

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Anonymous. You had everyone respect a while back. Now you are just a bunch of frustrated morons who declare war to anyone based on your personal beliefs.
I miss the time when people did it for the lulz and not driven by their frustrations.
Attacking Trump and kissing Clinton’s ass? You should attack Assange while you’re at it.

Mise à jour Leboncoin

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WOW! Les devs de leboncoin, le patron vous à enfin autorisé une update? Je pensé que il attends web 5.0.
Je comprend le truc “si ça marche, on ne touche pas” mais bordel, le site avais l’air de yahoo des années ’99.
Je me demande que faites vous depuis le lancement, ping bong ? badminton ? En tous cas, j’aimerais bien travailler chez Leboncoin.

Arata-ne țâțele pe facebook!

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Ce-mi plac pafițele care îsi pun poze sexy si citeaza câte un rând de ici colo gen ele sunt vedete daca au 1000 de nefrecati la prieteni.
Text copiat de pe Google pe lânga țâțâle alea goale, sanchi ele nu e proaste, ele nu e doar țâțe, da? ele inventeaza propoziții, ok?
Noi stim ca esti proaste, nu te mai chinui.
Arata-ne ceva si taci bai pussycat, ca de aia te avem la prieteni, sa ne arați țâțele! wink

țâțe pe facebook